Best Forex Brokers in UK

If you want to trade currencies and invest in the forex market you need a broker. This way you will be able to trade the most popular currencies against one another and make profit from the movement of the exchange rate. Forex brokers allow you to trade large amounts of money even if your investment is small. With deposits of only 100 GBP you can trade volumes of 10,000 Pounds.

Below you will find the top three forex brokers:

1. XM
3. AVA Trade

All of them offer leverage of at least 1:200 that allows you to trade volumes 200 times more than your available capital. This will help you a lot in your trading process and will give you more flexibility and additional options when creating your strategies. There is no downsize of leverage as you are not forced to use all of it and you can always trade lower volumes if you feel the risk is too high.

Trading forex has never been easier and more profitable.

Good luck!